Contemporary Design

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Knowing the different interior design styles is a great perk to have, especially if you love keeping up with the latest trends. If you love doing so, then contemporary design is just for you and our interior designers in Belfast are ready for your project.

Contemporary design is all about what’s current and modern right now, so if you like being on top of your game when it comes to styling your interior, you’ll love this interior design style. 

People love chasing the new and the fashionable and contemporary design means you’ll also show this throughout your living space. It’s definitely a fun trend to hop on since the world of interior design is constantly changing and new ideas are emerging every day.

Below you’ll find exactly what makes contemporary interiors. 

What is Contemporary Style?

As mentioned above, what’s trending right now is the most important part of contemporary design and once you are up to date with what’s in fashion now, you’re halfway there. 

Apart from being current, contemporary interior design is all about simplicity, using soft finishes to create a beautiful interior. 

With this style you’ll see

  • Intentional use of texture
  • Clean lines. 
  • Showing off space. 

While today this style is all about minimalism, curved lines and neutral colours, this won’t always stay the same and in a few years time, contemporary design could take a 360 degree turn. 

Colour in Contemporary Design

Staying modern, black and white interiors are a safe and popular choice of colour within this interior design style. To add a bit of vibrancy, bright colours are sometimes used in a single space to add some contrast while still maintaining that minimalistic vibe. 

Since the colour palette is quite limited, textures are a big one in contemporary design. This helps add dimension to the space and create a certain atmosphere.

Key to Contemporary Design: Let in Light

Another key aspect of contemporary design is letting light in, making the space nice and bright. 

Natural light is the best option since it looks the most natural, however you use some ambient light to fill the entire space. To create accent features, you can use a wall mounted light to create different spaces within your environment. 

Once you’ve let in lots of natural lightening with the use of windows you can implement: 

  • Task Lightening (for specific tasks like reading, cooking etc) 
  • Ambient Lightning (the main lightening source using on ceiling wall)
  • Accent Lightning (for highlighting  a certain area in your home)

Now that you know all about contemporary design and the main characteristics of it, why don’t you get started and have a go at designing your own space using the key characteristics above? – Or better yet, get in touch with a talented interior designer at Belfast who can do it for you. 

Make sure to let them know exactly what you like (since it is your space and should resign with you above all else) and watch your space transform into a beautiful interior. 

To get in touch with one of our team, you can contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to help you create your dream interior.