Ian says “I often think that my job as a designer is to take the client’s wishes, filter them through my knowledge, resources and ability to create what they want, but make it even better than their dreams”.

Ian and his team consistently exceed the expectations of their clients. They deliver by ensuring that individual elements are impeccable, from every textile to each piece of furniture, lighting, artwork, to every colour combination, nothing is left to chance. His mix of master plan and final execution are equally important.

Ian’s client’s trust that they will get a design unique to them and that the installation is overseen, at each stage and to completion, by Ian himself, for total client satisfaction. This ethos of Ian’s has client’s returning again and again.

Ian invites you to the showroom for a design consultation or to simply view the vast collection of exquisite fabrics, wall-coverings, lamps, furniture and accessories, with his own signature scent of home fragrance further enhancing your visit.

For over three decades, Ian Thompson and his team have been delighting clients with their unrivalled talent for striking the perfect balance between classic and contemporary interiors.

Ian and his team provide a complete project management service that goes beyond the limits of the usual Interior Design Service, adding considerable value to each property. Client’s trust when they employ Ian they will get something, exceptionally beautiful, functional, and tailored to their lifestyle “I don’t do copy and paste interiors” Ian says.


 “I often think that my job as a designer, is to take my clients wishes… & make it even better than their dreams”


Every project starts with three ingredients. First, the architecture of the building is considered, its age and form in particular. Second, there is its location, both in the world and in terms of its direct surroundings. The third ingredient is the client, who they are and how they’ll be living, working and relaxing in the space. These rules are evident in the work of award winning interior designer Ian Thompson and his team.

When entering one of his interiors, you are hit by the initial visual impact. Then, as you spend time in the space, you find yourself in a continual state of discovery, with every subtle touch and nuance becoming clear. In addition to exclusive residences from Belfast, France, Spain and Portugal, his commissions also include hotels, restaurants and commercial projects.