Achieving Rustic Interior Design

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As the summer season begins, it might be time for you to reconsider your home’s interior design style. As of recently, we are loving the rustic interior design here at Ian Thompson Interiors. As a top interior designer in Belfast, we are sure to give you the inspiration for changing up your home’s look this summer season.

What is Rustic Interior Design? This is a design style that is characterised by natural and organic elements. Think of farmhouse-style homes or cottages. Rustic can also be associated with other “natural” styles such as boho chic, cottagecore and biophilia. 

Rustic interior can be distinguished by the use of white space where it is clean, open and minimalistic. Think mason jars in a French country kitchen. Furnishings should be soft, natural but still have an element of “unpolished” to them. Linen and white cotton is often associated with the rustic interior design along with lace, crochet and rattan. The rustic interior style also shares similarities to a vintage style, where both fashionable old-school trends meet millennial chic. 

Rustic interior styles can also be achieved through the use of unsanded wood, neutral wall colours, shelving, chalkboards and decorative lighting. Rustic style pays homage to sustainability and eco design by allowing homeowners to invite the outside world into their homes. This style is perfect for those who seek natural beauty and minimal statement pieces in their home.

Characteristics of Rustic Interior Design


A rustic home should be described as “cosy” and “warm”. Think of a warm inviting fire while the rain falls outside. You can mimic this by using scented candles, and wooden elements to bring an autumn vibe into your home this season. You can keep it seasonally appropriate by using light colours rather than dark ones. 

Plant Lover

To fully embrace the rustic style, you should focus on bringing as many botanical elements as possible. Think of houseplants, wreaths and small herb gardens. To really emphasise the natural tone, having a pop of greenery can surely tie the rustic style together

Natural Materials 

Rustic interior design is all about capturing natural beauty and presenting them in a candid but purposeful way. Think of mixing hard and soft materials to mimic natural elements such as terracotta with clean linen blankets or wooden palettes with botany. 

Embrace Vintage

Our favourite aspect of rustic interior design is the use of vintage elements within it. You can pay homage to the vintage style by having secondhand furniture. Contemporary rustic is combining minimalistic light aesthetics with the traditional rustic look of barn doors and farmhouse furniture.