Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2022

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2021 was undoubtedly an interesting year for interior design and with the world promising to go back to normal but not so much of that actually happening, balancing work and life all in the same space was a task for most people. 

We saw lots of practical ways of arranging spaces such as an open kitchen with shelves outside rather than hidden away. There were many experimental designs such as the implementation of bold walls within a space which added vibrancy and colour. Although ‘accent walls’ were deemed to be gone, art covering walls has remained.

Keeping up with the latest trends can be a little overwhelming at times, but there are Interior Design Companies in Belfast who can make your life easier and help you create your dream space.

Ian Thompson says  “I often think that my job as a designer is to take my clients wishes… & make it even better than their dreams”. 

Bringing Nature Inside 

Having no choice but to stay indoors along with restricted movements in the last two years meant less time for mother-nature. People have come up with this wonderful idea of bringing the outdoors inside and it’s helping us connect with nature more than ever! Lots of greenery is expected in Interior Design, which is great news or all the plant moms out there. This also means natural surfaces like stoneware and marble are very much in style. A trend inspired by connecting with nature has to be the most heart-warming of 2022. 

Handmade and New Art-work

The passion for art will continue to make its way into indoor spaces in 2022 as people are loving getting personal and either creating a piece or seeking art ornaments and paintings. This could be inspired by the popularity in sustainable living – prioritising quality over quantity is a great way of keeping things for longer.

The addition of sophisticated and classic art pieces seems to be left in the past and replaced with new and up-coming art. People are loving contemporary art more than ever. 

Mixing Vintage and New

Choosing vintage furniture over modern is rising in popularity for the simple reason that it’s much cheaper and is a sustainable option. This has resulted in people falling in love with old furniture, which not only adds a quirky feel to the home but also history -every piece of vintage furniture offering a story of its own.

People are also recently interested in playing around with transforming old furniture into something newer and combining the two together. We can see Tik-Tok videos of people buying vintage pieces such as an old TV and transforming it into a cabinet or a living room stand. This combines old with new and is another level of the vintage style. Using real pieces of history and creating something temporary is an inspiring new trend emerging and it’s also sustainable! 

Curved Lines

People are turning away from straight lines and sharp edges and are choosing a smoother option of curved lines that offer a calmer, more welcoming atmosphere. It’s astonishing how much something miniscule like swapping lines for curves adds to the comfort of our surroundings and people have really started paying close attention to the smallest of details. This can be achieved by choosing round edged coffee tables, U sofas and circular rugs. 

Dramatic use of Stone

Dramatic islands will remain in style in 2022 with people using this area as the dominant part of the kitchen. Choosing a sophisticated and nature inspired stone like marble, contrasted with a darker cabinet or just marble on it’s own, makes for a luxurious centre-piece.

Layers of Texture

Patterns and textures have been popular for quite some time now and the reasons behind this could be that it adds depth to spaces. This is also a fun project to explore within interior design especially for Maximalist style lovers and those who want to add a touch of playfulness into their homes. 

Retro style for modern times

Bringing the 70’s back through Interior Design is a favoured trend that we will definitely see more of in 2022. The need to bring historical pieces back to temporary times is an inspirational way to design an aesthetic yet nostalgic interior. People are calling this trend ‘Nostalgia Core’ as it’s bringing history back to life and embracing old trends. 


Who said minimalism is completely over? Japandi is the combination of a Japanese and Scandinavian style of interior design which is inspired by minimalistic yet highly functional and aesthetic design. Sustainability is also a huge motivation behind this trend which is undoubtedly a key factor nowadays- and rightly so!

The Japanese idea of ‘beauty in imperfection’ meets the Scandinavian idea of cosines and with both design styles being inspired by comfort, Japandi will undoubtedly be a rising trend in 2022! 

Dark Interiors

A quick and simple way of combining luxurious, rich and modern is to choose dark colours. Although this style tends to look better with open spaces with lots of windows rather than enclosed ones, it’s rising in popularity everywhere. 

This could be due to the ‘All White Everything’ trend coming to an end and people jumping to the complete opposite. 

Surprisingly, this dark coloured trend has also inspired all-black kitchens which before, would have been called insane. Dark kitchens with empty countertops and hidden away utensils offer a high-end feel. 


Maximalism is bound to bounce back into style as the minimalistic idea has been popular for quite a while now. Some designers say that trends tend to make a comeback at some point and Maximalism is on track to be back on trend in 2022. If you like patterns, lots of colours and fluffy carpets, and you like having all 3 together at the same time, then the Maximalist style may be for you. Although it’s difficult to pull this off and it’s very easy to make this style look quite messy, it’s probably the funnest trend in interior design. 

The want for having a unique home, different to everyone else’s seems to be the inspiration behind the rise of this trend. 

With all the different trending styles, it’s possible to get lost within them all and not really know which represents you and your family. It’s important to remember that you’re the one living in your space and it’s completely up to you how you wish to decorate and design it and working with an interior designer in Belfast like Ian Thompson is a sure fire way to ensure that your home is well collated and reflects your lifestyle and personality.

Above are simply guidelines to help you embark on your interior design journey and if you have any questions be sure to talk to an interior designer at Ian Thompson Interiors who will help you every step of the way.