The Beginning of Interior Design

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With interior design being recognised and established as a term around 100 years ago, people always had a sense of style when it came to their interior design. Going back as far as the Egyptian era, with coloured paintings, beautiful vases and sculptures decorating huts, it’s fair to say that humans have shown a creative flair for interior design for centuries. 

With the first commissioned interior design work done not until 1913, Elsie de Wolfe was the very first recognised interior designer. Things developed quickly from then, with the first commercial interior design firm created in 1923- fast track 99 years and we see thousands and thousands of these in 2022. 

So, while a spark of interior design is seen within us throughout history, people only decided to start benefiting from this financially less than 100 years ago! 

Now, we have amazing interior designers in Belfast and all over the world who specialise in various design styles-inspired by history. 

Ancient Egypt 2700 

While in this Era, houses were built with mud and plaster, the Egyptians nonetheless found time for some design in their lives-painting walls with various patterns. With the lotus flower and drawings of spirals appearing on ornaments found during this time, it’s undeniable that design played a role in people’s lives at the time. 

From beautifully designed chairs, tables and ceramic pots and colour-filled paintings, you could say that some Egyptians aimed to live a luxurious life. 

Interior Design Styles still seen today

Tropical 1880’s to Today 

You’ll be surprised to hear that this trend is taken from as far as the 1880’s and is still so favoured in interior design to this day! Whether it’s fake or real plants, they make an appearance in almost every household. With bringing greenery inside being one of the most popular trends for 2022, it’s nice to see where this originated from. 

Rustic 1870’s to Today 

For those loving vintage earthy furniture, 1870’s is where it all came from. While you may think you need really old furniture to get this style right, choosing natural and organic materials will give you the rustic vibe much quicker. Remember, you’re trying to create an earthy feel, so anything that looks like it came directly from the Earth is what you want.

The key to this interior style is 

  • Using real wood (with visible rings)
  • Textures and
  • Handmade items 

Transitional 1950’s to Today 

This is a combination of a few styles, usually traditional with modern. With this interior design trend you get the best of both worlds, enjoying the historical origins of the traditional style and the luxury and simplicity of the modern. 

Looking back at where Interior design came from and watching it develop from handmade paintings from 3000 BC to modern luxurious furniture in 2022 really highlights how creative we are as humans-and how far we’ve come. 

Looking at the grand scale of things, we’re still watching interior designers evolve since the phenomen first began only 99 years ago.
Nowadays, you can hire great Interior Designers who can take you through the process of designing your home, and you’ll be sure to have exactly what you’re wishing for and more.