The Art of Collage

A wall of art can either be a perfect symmetry of uniformed lines or a haphazard cluster of favourite pieces, either, instantly puts personality into any room. Creating a wall gallery is no easy feat so I’ve put together these tips to help. If you prefer the uniformed look best to have a common theme, using the same coloured frames or mount, spacing each frame 1 or 2 inches apart, keeping them close. If it’s a medley of art, incorporate, paintings, sketches, photographs and even an odd mirror can join the cluster too. Place each piece on the floor first, creating a draft of the overall look, to make sure the balance is right.


Uniformed Collage.




Medley of Art




Uniformed collage, using repeat prints, to give symmetry. (Luis Bustamante)

luis-bustamante-171 (1)



Symmetry of same sized and subject of Art.  Jean-Louis-Deniot design in Paris.




Medley of mirrors, sketches, black and white photos, etc etc etc.




Collage of Architectural Drawings, repeating the same set of 4 prints, to cover the wall space.