Red Hot for St Valentine

Are we ready to embrace all things red this week?  A few favourite pics to put you in the mood for St Valentine’s day.

We love a pop of red in any room’s colour scheme, it’s vibrant and fun, and very romantic.

007_005_suiteBlakes Hotel, London

18. zebra wallpaper lindsay coral harperSalamander Wallpaper

A little pop of Red in this monochrome bedroom

elledecor3Elle Decor

IMG_1597Two Mute Swans on Clea Lakes near Killinchy.  Swan’s mate for life, so I thought it was appropriate.

IMG_2007One of those rainy days in Paris when we came across this bistro with it’s red hot seating and cashmere blankets

on the Rue de St Honore, with perfect espresso and cognac.

luxury_suiteSuite in Blakes Hotel our perfect romantic getaway.

tumblr_lzeecqLXMr1qbxfpfo1_500Roses are red…….

tumblr_m5m3yzT2PQ1rs96teo1_500A little pop of Louboutin, never goes wrong.

tumblr_m7oi9zhpIV1rvva76o1_500Table for two at Abu Dhabi

tumblr_m9yk02y0PM1qal22eo1_500Car Rally at Monte Carlo

tumblr_mbcgqjHZit1qdhkfzo1_500St Valentine’s wedding

Taupe, Red, Cream and Black a perfect combination.

Too cute….