Parisian Skyline

L’oeil de boeuf windows seen, especially when you’ve got your nose in the air, walking around Paris.  These are the oval windows peeking out of slate roofs, carved from stone or made from zinc.  It’s easy to bring this architecture into your home with L’oeil de boeuf mirrors,  some pics below to show you ideas.


Parisian rooftops, at Le Louvre, symmetrical rows of L’oeil de Boeuf Windows.



Some decoratively carved, others simple and more country like. as you would more often see in Normandy.


Architectural salvage of an old window makes a wonderful focal point in the garden.

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A Jean Loup Daraux design.


A contemporary edge to the look, these mirrors are available at our showroom, at 665 Lisburn Road, Belfast


L’oeil de boeuf Mirror.

8. Alex MacArthur