New Zoffany Range

The new Zoffany range of wallpaper and fabrics have arrived this week.  They are stunningly elegant, so much so that two client’s have already ordered wallpaper and fabrics for curtains and sofas.  Soft muted palettes of taupe, duck egg, aubergines and blues.  There is a wonderful ikat design in faded pastels just perfect to give the latest catwalk trend to a traditional design.

New rolls of fabric arriving into the studio, the ikat design, a silk, and a geometric print in linen.


Spark wallpaper in a study

Spark Metallic Wallpaper_LR


New weave fabric, soft muted taupe in the latest chunky textures.

Cinnebar Detail_LR



 Tile effect wallpaper in Lustre saphire

Lustre Tile Sapphire Detail_LR



Soft metallic finish to fabrics for an opulent look.

Ebru Metallica Detail V2_LR



Tile effect wallpaper in taupe/gold

Lustre Tile Silver Landscape_LR


All Zoffany fabrics available at the studio

Quartz Collection Cushion Landscape_LR


All Zoffany fabrics and wallpapers.

Quartz Collection Living Landscape_LR



Beautiful wallpapers…

Quartz Metallic Wallpapers_LR