Mur Vegetal

Living walls, full of lush plants, creating a green vertical garden in city centres now comes to Belfast.  The Skainos  project on the Newtownards Road, architect Nial O’Neill, has designed their new build with green walls creating a wonderful look for our inter city.

Patrick Blanc was the pioneer of this design for both exterior and interior walls in his home city of Paris, his designs are global now.  It’s magnificent and great to see locally.

Skainos buildings, preparing the walls with the structure for the planting.


Skainos vertical gardens growing


Patrick Blanc’s designs in Paris


More of Patrick Blanc’s design’s in Paris


For the life of me can’t remember the restaurant in Paris that had this as an interior wall, must have had too much Pouilly Fume …


The Before of one of Patrick Blanc designs for Pont Max Juvenal Aix en Provence


and then the after shot…