Lighting Rules

The lighting in a room creates the ambiance and if done incorrectly can leave a strong impression but not in a good way.  To get it right here are a few suggestions;

Overhead lights must be controlled by a dimmer, to create a mood or get all the light you can when needed.

The ceiling lights, depends on the height of your ceiling, if you have a high ceiling fix a fabulous chandelier and if not recessed or architectural lights installed in the ceiling to wash light throughout the room.

The next layer, wall sconces and picture lights, adding eye level light and to cut the unpleasant glare that can come when the only light source is from the ceiling light.  Add clip on shades to the bulbs on wall sconces for a personal touch.  Wall sconces can also be added to bookcases to help read the titles.  Or in rooms that it’s just not possible to add wall lights place floor lamps for the same level of light.

Next layer is the table lamp.  In small spaces it is best to keep to the same colour of shade but the lamp base can be different, it keeps the symmetry right.  If your room is generous, the world’s your oyster, you can mix and have fun with all colours and patterns.

For all difficult spaces help is available at our showroom, with these examples and suggestions for  lighting.


A difficult space, stairwell with different levels, it’s either a bespoke chandelier or a group of chandeliers

hanging at different heights, covering chain with chandelier socks.




A great place to add table lamps on a console table behind a sofa. All available at the showroom.

Beach Room



A reindeer Chandelier, available at the showroom. (Not reindeer horn but resin)

Reindeer Chandelier



A Dining room’s lighting layered with Chandelier glamour, background light with the table lamp and ambiance light with candles in the hurricanes.

  Chandelier, lamp and hurricanes available at the showroom.

dining room chandelier



Table Lamp available from our showroom.

Eichholtz Table Lamp



Table Lamp available from our showroom.




A floor lamp placed at the side of a chair, instead of a table lamp, for task lighting.




Drama for the kitchen



A Ralph Lauren drawing room, showing perfect layers of lighting,

picture lights, floor lamp beside a favourite armchair, table lamps, desk lamp and buffet lamps on the mantel.

Ralph Lauren Drawing Room