Interiors and Gardens in Cap Ferrat

A visit at the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Cap Ferrat.  Just thought you would enjoy the pics of these wonderful interiors and gardens in the South of France.

A view of the Villa through the musical fountains choreographed to synchronised with Mozart

The beautiful entrance

A tapestry pelmet in the Drawing Room

A bedroom with incredible hand painted panelling, antique tapestry and embroidery, with a little bit of lace.

The Nursery





The aroma of the Mimosa, it filled the garden – I can still remember it.


Once known as Lo Scoglietto (Little Rock) the famous villa with it’s private harbour owned by David Niven and rumored to have been owned by Dodi Fayed too.  It’s now called the  La Fleur de Cap, and it is just beautiful, tried to peak over the wall to see the garden but was met with a burly security man with a gun.  Ran…