How to do the Inky Trend

This years inky trend is all about using dark colours on our walls, from a palette of dark navy, charcoal or deep teal, giving rooms a moody and atmospheric feel beckoning you to curl up and relax in. However the trick is not to end up with a depressing cave so here are some guidelines.

  • If your preference is matt walls make sure your other materials, in your fabric and furniture, have lots of texture and light reflective properties.
  • Use gloss paint or varnish over the dark walls to give a light reflective background in a small room.
  • The other alternative is wallpaper in textured weaves, vinyls or faux skin and leather, such as our Elitis range or Zoffany Arbour.
  • Get the lighting right, it should be all dimmed, lots of architectural fittings for the background, adding floor and table lamps.

Here are some rooms to give you inspiration.

Todd Alexander Romano apartment in NY with inky gloss walls and a splash of Chartreuse to break it up.

todd alexander romano

Matt inky walls paired with textured linen sofa and blue and white accessories.


Inky greys in textures of linen, velvet and silk.


Reed Miles design, inky navy walls with a splash of orange.

miles redd

Elitis wallcovering and fabrics from our showroom.


Inky teal gloss walls for a study.