Hotel Costes Paris

Diner at Hotel Costes never disappoints.  The ambiance of the candlelight, their own music, by DJ Stephane Pompougnac, their own scent drifting from the air-conditioning throughout the Hotel, a fragrance of Rose, Laurel and incense, in captivating.  From the moment you walk through the entrance and are greeting by gigantic displays of Costes Roses you are in for a treat.  The Interior was designed by Jacques Garcia in his Second Empire style but with a pop of baby leopard print and leafy ferns to twist it up.

Last time we were in the Courtyard Johnny Depp was there, very aloof and reserved in the corner, apparently he is a regular and calls the chef Papa because he loves the food so much.

Wonder if we’ll spot someone else this visit, you can spend hours just people watching.

Hotel Costes Entrance with their Costes Perfume Shop next door.

The Lounge Bar for a cocktail.

Sumptuous display of roses, available from this shop next door to their perfume shop.

The Courtyard before breakfast.

Diner in one of their Salons.

Rooms are small but beautiful unless you are in a suite on the top floor oh la la.