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Tailored Sofa

Our designs can often include a tailored piece of furniture, made uniquely for the client to our specific design requirements.  Last week our talented team created a special piece.

My dear friend and lovely client has allowed me to show her sofa that we made for her home office.  The area was a little challenging because the space was long and narrow but had a beautiful curved wall and wonderful height to compensate. So we designed a tailored sofa to hug the curves and show off one of the best bits of the room.  Her clients now relax on the crest of a wave…

I thought you could be interested in the process of this so here are the photos of each stage.






Sunday Business Post


The Sunday Business Post featured The Lisburn Road Belfast, “as the style mile”, last week. A lovely piece, about shopping in the area, just charming, including ourselves “not to be missed, is interior designer Ian Thompson’s No 665, an Aladdin’s cave of a shop…”. Thank you Ros Drinkwater at The Sunday Business Post.




Zoffany Woodville


The beautiful Woodville collection from Zoffany, available at our showroom, follows classic chinoiserie design, but by utilising modern print techniques it has been given a contemporary edge. ‘Woodville’ evokes a sophisticated and romantic mood, perfect for Country Houses and is equally at home wherever a touch of elegance is sought to achieve a timeless beauty.  The following photographs show the wallpaper, and both the linen and silk fabric in room settings.


Woodville Linen in old Blue used to upholster the french bed with Lewis and Wood wallpaper in the background.  All available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.

Zoffany Woodvale Linen fabric


Woodville wallpaper and silk fabric, available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.




Woodville wallpaper and linen fabric upholstered on sofa with silk scatter cushions.  All available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.




Beautiful Chinoiserie Woodville Silk Curtains.  Available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.

Zoffany Woodvale Silk


Woodville wallpaper and silk curtains…

Zoffany Woodvale Paper and Silk


Console Me…


The console table, homage for many a duty.  Perfect for the entrance hall, dressed with table lamps and flowers.  Great for a drinks table or in the dining room, for setting down heavy platters to serve from.  They are narrow and can also be used, if your space is limited, as a desk or dressing table.  If there’s space underneath, use it for positioning extra stools, or chinese ceramic seats, this can also hide ghastly radiators and a life saver when entertaining and you run out of seats.  No matter what size your area is, we have the perfect Console Table for you, should it be a small wall mounted console or a large banquet for an over scale design.

Here are some images to show you different ways to use the Console and off-course a few examples of what’s available to purchase at our showroom.


A well dressed Console, with beautiful stools stored underneath.

Console with stools


Space was limited in this hall, so a glass console, keeps the space open.

small glass console



Wallpaper, Mirrors, Console Table, and Ginger Jars all available at our showroom.




The Console Table used in the Dining Room.



The Console Table, used behind a sofa, to position lamps and add height to the layers of the room.




Hate your current Console, call into the showroom to pick a beautiful fabric and drape it over your existing console.  As Pablo Paniagua has (image from Nuevo Estilo).

PABLO PANIAGUA in Nuevo Estilo



Elegant glass Console Table, and on trend mixing chrome with gold on the base, available at the showroom.




A solution for limited hall space, a wall mounted console table dressed with a Marilyn Monroe Print and beautiful wall lights, available at the showroom.

Wall Console


A large banquet Console used as a drink table and wonderful idea for the dog basket…

Drinks Table



A rattan trunk Console Table, storage inside, available from Ian Thompson Interior Design.

Eichholtz Collection Item

Autumnal Inspiration


Exciting new fabric and wallpapers have just arrived at the showroom.  Whilst opening the beautiful collection, clients have oohed and aahed over the rich and bold textures of Zoffany’s new Jaipur collection.  

Over the last two years the trend has pushed us all to create rooms in a nude palette, saying that, don’t panic it means you have spent wisely, you already have the perfect canvas for this new revamp.  

It’s time to  inject colour and vitality to your subtle pastel rooms and Zoffany have purposefully designed this range with that in mind, a mix of artistic Indian and Persian weaves that will transform your interiors with a modern twist.


















Quartz Velvet Warm Cushion Stack Landscape_med



Dine as Valentino Does


Impatiently waiting….. for Valentino’s new book, Valentino: At the Emperor’s Table. For those of us that have watched the DVD Valentino: The Last Emperor you know that you will be in for a treat. An inside view of Valentino and his partner’s residences in Gstaad, London, Rome, New York and Paris, and oh, his yacht too. He is renowned for meticulous detail in his interiors and his table settings, but this book takes it a stage further with his personal chefs recipes too. So for ideas for your next perfect diner party, scroll through his preview photos and our available table settings at our showroom. All great ideas for a wedding present too, Wedding Gift List service at Ian Thompson Interior Design.

Valentino: At the Emperor’s Table, Book published by Assouline on October 28, 2014.






Valentino’s perfect table setting.


Valentino – Dining Alfresco at Gstaad, with one of his 6 pugs, it’s either Molly, Milton, Monty, Margot, Maude or Maggie.



Some items to purchase at Ian Thompson Interior Design showroom for your next diner party.

Drinks settings

 Beautiful Diner Set at Ian Thompson Interior Design showroom.


Table Set Silver Chains


Rustic Oak parquet Dining Table, easily seats 6.  Available at Ian Thompson Interior Design showroom.

Image 1

Table to seat up to 12.  Hard beech wood available in a range of painted finishes and beautifully finished with upholstered edge and studding.

Available at Ian Thompson Interior Design showroom.


Pedestal round Dining Table, available at Ian Thompson Interior Design Showroom.


Chunky Oak Dining Table, with butch leather dining chairs, overhead lights – all available at Ian Thompson Interior Design Showroom.


Smaller design to seat 4 to 6, leather chairs and chandelier, all available at Ian Thompson Interior Design showroom.


Chic Side Tables


As the nights are drawing in we are reaching to light the table lamp on one of our fabulous side tables… It’s a fundamental piece of furniture, for the ends of your sofa, or at the side of an armchair, dressed with a table lamp and a posy of flowers. Rule of thumb for designing a perfecting living space is to include a side table beside each seat, so that when you or a guest sit down, you are always in easy reach of a side table to rest your glass. If space is an issue check out some of our suggestions throughout these side tables for ideas.



Perfect positioning of side table at the end of a sofa.


A beautiful side table, upholstered in silver velvet with studding detail, available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.


For limited space use multi function ceramic stools for a side table.  Available at Ian Thompson Interior Design in white, green and red.


Ceramic stool/side table available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.

Eichholtz Collection Item

For the equestrian look, a beautiful side table, canvas with riding bit detail and glass top.  Available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.


We have a selection of the floating side tables, that you can position where and when it’s required for nibbles and drinks.  Available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.

Eichholtz Collection Item

The new trend, a zinc and reclaimed oak side table.  Available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.

Lighting by Design


A good lighting design within a room is subtle lighting, the more sources of light, the subtler the effect.

Here are some ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps available from Ian Thompson Interior Design.


Butch ceiling lights in Nickel, available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.

IMG_3338 2

Ceiling Lights for over a kitchen island – available from the Ian Thompson Interior Design showroom.


An open zinc finished ceiling light, great for over dining tables and kitchen islands. We like to dress it with gold effect filament bulbs.

All available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.


Antique finished lanterns, available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.


Beautiful elegant floor lamps available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.


These stunning verdigris table lamps available from Ian Thompson Interior Design.

Ceiling Light

Modern but timeless, ceiling lights, available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.


Table lamps available from Ian Thompson Interior Design.


Birdcage Lighting available from Ian Thompson Interior Design.

Your Dream Home


As designers we always protect our client’s privacy, so it’s a rarity for you to get a chance to share our friend’s lifestyle and home, a behind the scene view… July edition of NI Homes and Lifestyle.

John and Diane have been loyal friends for 30 years and over this time have supported our business by adding our fabrics and accessories to their large collection of antiques, all with Diane’s exquisite home making style. 

Today I am taking you to a dream, of living in a wonderful home surrounded by your own green acres, a historic fort and private woodland. The extended property, still with it’s original architectural features and extended buildings, creates a wonderful ambiance for a fun filled family home to entertain and enjoy all the outdoor activities near the shore of Strangford Lough.

This unique property allows you to work from home in your separate office buildings or studio, entertain with staying guests in your additional Gatehouse, stable your horses, dry-dock your yacht in the boat house…   and it doesn’t stop there… the gardens are wonderful, but easily maintained, filled with delphiniums and phlox, you will even have your own potager…

Interested… give Templeton and Robinson a ring.



Diane 1Diane 2

Diane 3

Diane 4

Diane 5

Diane 5

Diane 6

Head to Toe in White


In this heat, there is nothing quite as calming as a room with a white tonal colour scheme. It simply demands relaxation. However it can be tricky, but by following the below advice you will have your own spa-like sanctuary.

Add textures… with such a restrained use of colour it’s extremely important to use a variety of textures, tactile seagrass wallcoverings, soft cashmere throws and pillows, linen, cotton, silk, all in shades of white, greys and pebble. Add interesting pieces of furniture, each individual item will be more prominent in a white room, so make it a special piece, a feature. Then layer with metal accents, chrome, bronze and zinc on lamp bases, photo frames, etc. Their reflective surfaces will distribute light. Lastly layer your accessories with care, meaningful objects, such as worn books, vases with flowers, if you add coloured objet d’art it will look kitsch and you will loose the desired effect.


White Rooms

Casual linen curtains, unlined, give this space an wonderful airy feel.


This fabulous wallcovering is available from our showroom.


 All furniture, rug, lighting and accessories available to purchase at Ian Thompson Interior Design.


Off-whites and putty, beautiful, and a little cosier for our winter climate, giving the best of both worlds.


 A very tactile wallcovering, in one of it’s colour options –  a moody soft grey – available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.

Hempel design Austria

A Hempel design in Austria.



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