Monthly Archives: April 2016

Inside Out

Spring and Summer give us a time to use unusual pieces normally for inside the house in the garden; for example mirrors to bounce light in a small area, outdoor weather proof fabric for seat pads and cushions, on one of our ranges of Lutyens chair and benches, decorative objects obelisks, clocks and stag heads, hurricane lanterns decorated with sea shells and of course our wooden and lead planters, all available to source at our showroom.IMG_5166 Ralph posing for his supper on William Yeoward Fabric on our Lutyen Chair.


Mirror flanking the seating area, with seashells in hurricanes and planters.


Symmetry of mirrors flanking seating area bounces light especially in the Winter.


Tulips Spring 2016


Decorative clock from Paris on Garden wall available at our showroom.


Lead and wooden planters available at our showroom.  Storm Hurricane ready to greet visitors.


Layering spheres with the planters giving symmetry.


One of our over scaled resin clam shells used as a decorative object available from our showroom.

Ralph Lauren

We have been honoured as Ralph Lauren’s Brand Ambassador for Belfast.  The elegant range of fabrics, wallpaper and furniture is available at our showroom.  Here are a view lifestyle shots that we love.



Ralph Lauren blues and ticking available at the showroom.


Ralph Lauren lifestyle shots


Ralph Lauren wallpaper available at our showroom.


Ralph lauren wallpaper, fabric and furniture available at our showroom.

A view of the Milan Palazzo.

Ralph Lauren lifestyle shot


Ralph Lauren Palazzo restaurant in Milan.


Ralph Lauren fabrics available at our showroom.

Gwynne Damask

Ralph Lauren wallpaper, fabric and furniture available at our showroom.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Decorative mirrors, repeated in a collage, give an architectural statement to a room as well as bouncing lots of light. Here are a view that are available from Ian Thompson Interior Design.


A set of 9 mirrors placed behind a console for dramatic effect.


A collage of 4 mirrors, using mirror framed mirrors to bounce more light.


One mirror in a design to look like a collage of mirrors on trend for 2016.


A set of 4 mirrors in a collage.


Three mirrors hung vertically giving elegance to this room.