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Gifts to Adore

Add a fragrant glow, with our signature scent, to transform any room into Christmas

Our signature scent of Honeysuckle, zest of citrus and cinnamon; in Candles, Diffuser, Room Spray, Hand wash, and Hand lotion.

Gift wrapped, and ready for below the Christmas Tree.


Layering Fragrance in your Home for Christmas

At home we love to layer our different ranges of scents throughout the cottage.  Reed diffusers are great to give the base perfume, for a scent of a newly decorated Christmas Tree we use our Forest or Juniper and Spruce, it’s a combination of scotch pine, clary sage, falling leaves, and juniper berries.  Topped up with a burning scented candle of spicy apple, cardamon, nutmeg and cinnamon.  In the kitchen we love the Anjou Pear, roasted pear and plum with vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg or the Bay Garland, it smells of a freshly picked bunch of herbs.  Lastly and not least the main rooms of the house are immersed in our signature scent of diffuser, room spray and candles of a sweet but citrusy smell of honeysuckle spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and zest.

It’s very important to greet your Christmas Guests with a wonderful fragrance in your home.

Try our Signature Scent, of honeysuckle, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

welcome scent


To enhance a Christmas clementine decoration add our Mandarine orange with ginger, cedar and berry scent.

Mandarin scent


To add to the Christmas Greenery a diffuser with the scent of forest, juniper, pine, and clary sage.


Our Juniper and Forest scents give longevity to the Real Christmas Tree scent or

for those that have faux Christmas Trees you don’t have to loose out on the pine scent.

forest scent


The Forest Diffuser

forest diffuser


For the kitchen use the Spicy apple with cinnamon nutmeg and cardamon


the anjou pear with vanilla cinnamon and nutmeg.

mulled wine


Layering Scents in your home for the perfect Christmas.

signature scent