Monthly Archives: May 2015

It’s a Dog’s Life

On many an occasion you have been introduced to our dogs, Hector and Ralph, our home would not be our sanctuary without them.  Many of our client’s feel the same about their pooch and each project is never complete without adding a piece of luxury bedding for their special family members.  Here are a few photos of some of the range of beds available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.


Ian and Hector our Newfoundland pup.






This Dog Bed comes in different sizes for small to Large breeds




Dog’s Leather Bed, contemporary style, and different sizes for small to large breeds.









Lastly a lovely range of dog beds for the smaller to medium sized breeds.


The Art of Collage

A wall of art can either be a perfect symmetry of uniformed lines or a haphazard cluster of favourite pieces, either, instantly puts personality into any room. Creating a wall gallery is no easy feat so I’ve put together these tips to help. If you prefer the uniformed look best to have a common theme, using the same coloured frames or mount, spacing each frame 1 or 2 inches apart, keeping them close. If it’s a medley of art, incorporate, paintings, sketches, photographs and even an odd mirror can join the cluster too. Place each piece on the floor first, creating a draft of the overall look, to make sure the balance is right.


Uniformed Collage.




Medley of Art




Uniformed collage, using repeat prints, to give symmetry. (Luis Bustamante)

luis-bustamante-171 (1)



Symmetry of same sized and subject of Art.  Jean-Louis-Deniot design in Paris.




Medley of mirrors, sketches, black and white photos, etc etc etc.




Collage of Architectural Drawings, repeating the same set of 4 prints, to cover the wall space.


A Little Jewel

We are vigilant about client’s privacy and rarely show photos of our work, but with Helen’s permission, we have a sneak preview of her new jewellery shop that we recently completed in Holywood, Co Down.

The design is based on gold punctuated with black. Watered silk taffeta walls, spun gold curtains with stunning tie-backs.

It was a pleasure working with Helen Ainley Jewellery and we wish her every success with her new shop.