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Live from Paris


Soon to be on a buying trip at the Maison Objet and with galleries and antique suppliers in Paris. To give you a behind the scene view I will be posting photos of what we’re up to, show you the latest trends for 2015 live from Paris, follow it on our Facebook or twitter page.


Marsala the Colour of 2015

Marsala is the new colour for 2015. It’s an atmospheric hue; giving a room an immediate warm moody look with its deep and woody undertones. Can be used in either a contemporary or traditional design. A great accent colour to add to the rooms currently in vogue, of greys and oatmeal, with marsala cushions, rugs or fabrics. If your using it on your walls, keep in mind the best rooms to use a dark colour are the north facing or generally rooms that are naturally dark, it creates warmth, atmosphere and a bit of romance.

Marsala walls, in gloss, to reflect light.  It gives the impression the room is actually bigger.  Paint available from our showroom.




Textured wallpaper in Marsala, available from our showroom.



Perfect colour to give a bit of punctuation in an Oatmeal based design.



Marsala used in fabrics for a traditional design.



Pebble Grey and Marsala another perfect combination.




Marsala a perfect base to add jewel colours, such as these range of wall coverings and fabrics from Elitis at our Showroom.

elitis cushions

Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen

A Sunday morning at the Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen is a treasure trove of antiques and modern art, perfect pieces to bring back for the showroom and add a little personality to our client’s designs.  Here are some photos from previous buying trips and some of the items purchased that are in our current window display.


Great reference book from Assouline.















First seen in Paris our pair of beautiful dogs Guarding the Showroom Window.




Current Showroom Window