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Sailing in Style

Sailing in style on the Beluga yacht around Croatia.  The Beluga belongs to the wonderful Anouska Weinberg, better known as Anouska Hempel for her designs, and is available to charter.

Anouska’s designs are iconic, based on symmetry and repetition .  Perfect nautical inspiration for your interiors.


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Blue Sky Thinking

I hope we are all getting a chance to enjoy a break over the holiday, to chill out and recharge the batteries.  It’s busy in the studio this week, getting client’s homes finished before they jet off.  One favourite couple are going to Mykonos and we had to give them the where to go list, so I thought a few sunny images of Mykonos would brighten our duller week in Belfast and give us some blue sky thinking.


picnic on the beach



Lying on the beach, watching the owner of Nammos Restaurant cleaning his cruiser every morning before opening his restaurant – now there’s a life!



 Nammos restaurant at Psarou Beach, Mykonos, a party every day from lunch to the wee hours, the food is divine and the music is fabulous.  Front row tables are only available to those who are ordering a jeraboam of wine and are dressed in the latest Heidi Klein kaftans, you might even see Valentino getting of his yacht cruiser.



Ian, with too much Whispering Angel, after lunch at Nammos, check out the indulgent Roberto Cavalli silk leopard print cushions.




Psarou Beach.  Can’t you just feel that heat…




Watching the sun go down at Kastro Bar in Mykonos Town – always with a mojito…



 Looking down to Mykonos old Harbour.

old town

Mykonos town is not just nightclubs, there are  little quiet corners too.

Mykonos pink