2013 Trends from the Maison O’bjet

Just back from fabulous snowy Paris and here is the first viewing of one of the latest Interior trends straight from Maison O’bjet for you. ┬áHope you enjoy our snaps.


Place de la Concorde in the snow…

New look – pared down, raw materials with unfinished surfaces quirked with pewter or chrome.

Perfect example from Dior of the latest colour palette, taupe and soft pastels.

If the rooms scheme is all taupe it must have textures to create interest.

All available from our studio beautiful taupe cashmere chair and footstool with a chest of drawers in a distressed raw finish.

One of our unique designs for clients a bespoke sofa in linen.

Now for a shot of colour, aqua but only if you have the skin tones and white textures to compliment it.

Shells are beautiful with the soft whites.

Aqua Paisley fabric available at our studio

A french feel but still using taupe and aqua.

White and beige letting the art work pop with the colour.

Inspiration of the colour palette, white, beige, soft salmon.

The stucture of your room needs to be in raw woods, glass mixed with soft touchable fabrics the colour of flesh, think

beige, taupe and whites in tactile suede, silk, linen and cashmere.

Bedroom furniture available at our studio.

Horse heads made of drift wood available from the studio.

au revoir de Jardin du Tuileries