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Summer Holidays

If you’re one of the lucky ones to be jetting off for sunnier shores soon, I thought you would enjoy the Lanvin’s and Chanel’s chicest beach looks, straight from their display at Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, in Paris.  Bon Voyage…







How to stage your house for a quicker sale

Get professional advice on how to sell your house faster!

Home Presentation Service from £95 (depending on location).

For details or to set up an appointment at your home ring the office on 028 9066 9069.

Handy Tips

  • Potential buyers make their mind up within 30 seconds of entering your home, so first impressions are very important.
  • Home buyers tend to buy with emotion and not logic.  If they can see their lifestyle improved and imagine themselves living there that’s the key.
  • Houses sell 50% times faster if they are staged.
  • Start at the front gate and walk through the house doing a snag list, anything that needs attention, do the maintenance now.
  • The kerb appeal is the first thing to get right.  If the front of the house doesn’t look inviting, with a for sale sign, then the buyer will assume the rest of the house needs too much maintenance.  Tidy the garden, paint the front door, fill the window boxes, make sure the lights are working.
  • Make sure the entrance hall is cleared of coats, shoes, kids toys etc.
  • Your buyer wants to be welcomed with background music, scented candles, fresh flowers.  Put all the overhead lights and lamps on.  Make the rooms feel bright and airy, scented, and luxuriously welcoming.  Light all open fires, fill the bath with scented bubble bath and add the champagne bucket and glasses beside the bath with scented candles, and set the dining table for an elaborate diner party.
  • Make sure you have all task areas that everyone needs deliberately set up.  Even if you don’t have a specific room for an office, put the computer in an armoire cupboard to reveal at the opening of the doors.
  • If you have an exotic taste in décor, bright colours and lots of pattern, change it.  Pick a neutral, tone it all down and only accessories with your colours.  You want to appeal to all tastes and if the overall feel of the house gives the buyer the feeling that they just need to hang their hat up when they move in – it’ll sell in no time.



  • Declutter every room.  Store all your private items in boxes away from the property.  No holiday nick knacks, magazines, and collectables.  All surfaces should have display items only, i.e., side table should have a lamp and a bowl of flowers. You want the buyer to imagine themselves living here and your paraphernalia stops that.
  • Every viewer will open kitchen cupboards or built in wardrobes etc – if they see a mess, their immediate presumption will be there’s not enough storage.  Make sure every cupboard is immaculate.
  • Every room should have a definite purpose, so, no spare room used as a dumping ground.  The buyer will immediately value the room as a cupboard.
  • Absolutely no pets in the house when a viewer is in it.  Even if the viewers are avid dog lovers, you want them to focus on the house, not your animals.  Also make sure the doggie beds are washed frequently to prevent doggie smell aroma.
  • Always let the viewer walk into the room before you, especially the likes of a bathroom, so if the room is small, you can stand in the door frame so that it’s not sardines in a tin.
  • If all of this is a daunting task for each viewer, set one evening in the week up as a viewing night, booked, so you can get organized.