Mixing Gold and Silver


It was often viewed that you could not mix different metals, a no no, to mix silver with gold or chrome and brass.  Rooms were designed with the consideration that chrome was for contemporary and gold for the traditional looks. Well not today, that’s old hat, mixing metals has not only become on trend but is now seen as a quick key way to change your room into a modern interior.  Here are some examples of mixing metals in interiors.


Note rod iron chandelier with gilt framed mirros and chrome and glass detailing on the floor lamps.

Available at Ian Thompson Interior Design

mixing metals

Note Gold metal side table with chrome lamp in the background.


Note, Pewter stools with brass coffee table and rod iron tripod floor lamp

22. frederic mechicheN

Note Copper bath, with brass taps, nickel ceiling lamps and steel chair.

mixing metals copy

Antiqued gilded bedhead with mirrored bedside and chrome buffet lamps.

All available at Ian Thompson Interior Design.

12. aerin lauder

Aerin Lauder’s dressing room, with gold, silver and rod iron.